Nov 24, 2014

Iceland -

Iceland is bigger than Sicily and has a population smaller than Malta's.  It has magnificent trails and is a great place for nature lovers.
Waterfalls, glaciers, geysers, volcanoes and an astounding coast renders Iceland as a great attraction. It is an eco island with all electricity generated from renewables, mainly geothermal.
The downside concerns the high prices pushed up by a regime of high indirect taxes.
There are several day trips from Reykjavik on tourist buses, costing around euro60. The 'Golden Circle' tour is great to capture some great photos in one day.  However for a proper trip around the island, car rental is recommended. Cycling trips are also becoming popular but beware that winter comes early.
Iceland has an astounding pristine coast, with villages far apart 

May 12, 2014


MY Trek Elite 9.6 full carbon   -DON'T TOUCH MY TREK!
I decided to buy myself a birthday gift.  And I knew exactly what I wanted :)
At the end of the month, the new TREK ELITE mountain bike will follow me to a 3-day cycling trip in Sicily. I have just drive-tested it over a 60km course and it is a great improvement on the old TREK 4300 which will now be reserved to off-roading.

Dec 16, 2011

Pablo strikes again

A friend came across this YouTube short video of me on my way to a 298 game in the MALTA SENIORS OPEN 2011:

279 and 300 games followed
by Senior Championship title
300 game during Malta Open 2013:

perfect strike:

perfect strike 2On the way to 279 game in Malta Seniors Open


Some of the protagonists of the Senior Championships.


Sep 21, 2011

Bowling -My first Malta Open Senior Championship

In October I will play my first Malta Senior Open Championship.  I have trained well, on the lanes and off the lanes and am going for it!   I strive to maintain an ever increasing awareness of what exactly my training goals are. In simple terms this is why I train:
50 and still hungry for more success
1. To enjoy training, feel good
2. To be healthier, fitter, stronger, and more agile/mobile
3. To achieve a sense of comfort with adopting the advanced bowling techniques
4. To achieve rank and success in bowling:
- retain 0 handicap in league bowling
- be competitive in senior open tournaments, particularly the Malta Senior Open
5. To achieve capability of cycling 100 km in one day
6. To retain body weight below 90kg
4th Place & tournament hi-game 298

UPDATE 6th October: XXXXXXXXX.XX8 = 298 game

UPDATE 2: 7th October 1309 series - Qualified to Q finals

UPDATE 3: 9th October  Semi-Finalist!! beating Olafsson, Belmonte and the other champions. 

Sep 4, 2011

Fireworks -Malta

Maltese Summers - each village celebrates the festa with fireworks
Malta Grand harbour - celebrations

Jun 24, 2011

Summer is here - Maltese summers

rooftop entertainment
Temperatures have hit 30 for the first time this season.  From now on Malta will be hot and dry.  This means more trips to the beaches, except Sunday afternoons when they will be too crowded and noisy.  This weekend I will set up the BBQ on the roof.   We have flat roofs in Malta, practically adding an entire floor just for entertainment under the evening breeze which cannot be felt at ground floor.  Please remember to ring the bell twice if you are visiting, we might not hear you from the rooftop!

Jun 10, 2011

Bowling time

June is the month of Bowling.  last weekend I competed in Bologna and played well (225 avg). This weekend I battle out in the malta national championships (singles) and next week we have the annual Malta Open tournament. I feel prepared and am going for it...
Update:  ...just missed making it to the finals :(

May 30, 2011

Italy Senior Open Bowling - Bologna 1st to 5th June

This week I travel to Bologna to play in my first international senior open tournament.  The Senior open tours are reserved for elite bowlers over 50 years.  There are some famous names amongst the competitors such as Chris Vandamme. So far, there are over 400 squad reservations and the best 34 scores will go to the finals on Sunday 5th June.
This will be my first visit to Bologna itself and I look forward to discover this famous city and its environs.  I have hired a car and will find time to explore the surrounding countryside.
I have been training regularly and I aim to play well. Update: my first two entries in the tournament (valid for qualification):
204-205-254-233-242-204 = 1341
245-197-225-226-233-227 = 1353

May 14, 2011

The joy of cycling in Malta

Scenic views - Cycling around north-west of Malta 
Cycling on a splendid May afternoon. Today was perfect weather, 25 degrees with a nice fresh breeze from the sea.  Its the best time of the year.  My favourite routes meander along the north and west of Malta, avoiding the busy roads in central and south Malta.  I am aiming to get fit enough to go beyond 50km again. I have not reached this distance since my bike accident last year when i smashed my wrist. I reckon I should be doing 50km within a month.

Update: September - cycled 60km, getting fit again :)

May 11, 2011

My first week as a 50+

Summer vacation plans - Alps vs Tuscany
My first day as a 50+ took off with an 11 hour non-stop problem solving stint at the office.  I was planning to characterise my 50+ week with more fun but duty calls. Anyway, lots of nice things ready for the weekend.  Tomorrow is bowling league night and then there is the birthday party for the weekend.
This weekend I will be busy planning the summer vacation. I will be away on two trip in the meanwhile but the 10 day summer vacation remains an annual celebration.

May 8, 2011

Italy Senior Open - Bologna

I am training to play in my first international Senior Bowling Tour. The tour is reserved for elite bowlers over 50.  I will go to Bologna at 50 plus 3 weeks... and I aim to do well! ..on the lanes and off the lanes!  Older bowlers get a bonus of 1 point per year of seniority and therefore I will have to fight harder to beat them.
-According to our National Statistics Office, I should die at 78, work-till-I-drop until 65 (69 according to other sources) and then spend the last 10 years milking the National Health service. 
-According to me, the good life starts at 50, as I embark on my second set of 50.